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What is Arthritis ?

Arthritis is a name for joint disease, of which there are a number of types. All involve the deterioration of the joints, accompanied by varied levels of pain and discomfort. It is unclear what causes Arthritis, although research shows that sufferers inherit a tendency to develop the disease.

Osteoarthritis. Wear and tear on the joints, which eventually damages shock-absorbing cartilage between the bones, is the usual cause of this condition.

Rheumatoid arthritis may come and go spontaneously, unlike osteoarthritis, which is progressive and irreversible. And yet, there is no sure cure for rheumatoid arthritis, and the underlying cause is not properly understood.

Signs & Symptoms of Arthritis

Osteoarthritis. Pain, stiffness and deformed joints, and affect mainly the hips, knees, spine and fingers.

Rheumatoid arthritis. Most cases start between ages of 25 and 55, often with swelling, stiffness and pain in the knuckle joints of the hands or in the feet. In some cases, the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis may spread beyond the joints, to the lungs or eyes.

How can Arthritis be treated?

There are several drugs available nowadays that help to counter the effects of arthritis.

From alternative and compelemntary medicine, the therapists recommend: Naturopathy, Hydrotherapy, Homeopathy, Moxibustion (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Herbal Medicine, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Bach Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Massage therapy, Amatsu, Alexander technique, Yoga, Tai-Chi Ch'uan and Dance Movement Therapy.

The table below shows therapies linked to this health condition, please click on one to view more details about it:  

AmatsuAromatherapyAuricular Acupuncture
Bach Flower RemediesChinese Herbal Medicine (T.C.M.)Chiropractic
Hypnotherapy Integrated Energy TherapyIntuitive Healing
KinesiologyLight Grids HealingMassage Therapy
Neuromuscular TherapyOnnuri TherapyOsteopathy
PhysiotherapyReflexologySports Massage
Swedish MassageThai Massage 
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The table below shows natural remedies linked to this health condition, please click on one to view more details about it:  

Diet & NutritionHerbs and Vitamins 

Safety Issues

It is important to consult your general practitioner for a clear diagnosis prior to commencing any form of treatment.

Additional Information

Further information can be obtained from The Irish Society For Rheumatology.


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