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What is Cholecystitis?

Cholecystitis is an inflammation of the gallbladder wall and is commonly associated with gallstones.

Signs & Symptoms of Cholecystitis

Symptoms include abdominal pain and distension, fever, increased heart rate and flatulence.

How can Cholecystitis be treated?

Natural remedies can treat Cholecystitis. These include diet, homeopathy and herbal medicine.
Cholecystitis may also be treated by using alternative therapies. These include Naturopathic therapy, which involves flushing out the liver to encourage the body to pass the gallstones. This involves fasting for a couple of days and then drinking a pint of olive oil with either apple of lemon juice.
Other therapies that might be useful include acupuncture and chinese medicine.

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Auricular AcupunctureChinese Herbal Medicine (T.C.M.)Onnuri Therapy
Traditional Chinese Medicine  

The table below shows natural remedies linked to this health condition, please click on one to view more details about it:  

Diet & Nutrition  

Safety Issues

One should NOT undergo naturopathic therapy or any other kind of therapy without the guidance and supervision of a trained therapist.


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