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Metamorphic Technique

Metamorphic Technique is a unique treatment for releasing unconscious stress. A relationship between the foot and the body’s development during the first nine months of life in the womb forms the basis of the metamorphic technique. Its practitioners believe that gentle manipulation of the feet, hands and head can help heal recipients to come to terms with many long-standing problems. It looks at transforming energy patterns that no longer serve you. The energy that was involved in creating old patterns can be released and used to create new patterns.

What happens during a session

The practitioner uses a light gentle touch on the clients feet, hands and head. The person is empowered to be his or her own healer. Most people find sessions very pleasant and relaxing.

Benefits of the Metamorphic Technique

The technique is designed to help anyone who feels mentally blocked, stuck or unable to make a necessary change. People who cannot shake off long-standing health problems and children with special needs are said to derive particular benefits – even those with such severe conditions as Down’s syndrome and Autism.