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What is Sacred Sound Healing?

Sacred Sound Healing has been used for thousands of years. Many ancient cultures would have used drumming and the voice for healing along with other instruments. Every part of the body vibrates at a different frequency and as we are vibratory beings this means we can make sound that can alter our vibration.
By toning, humming or singing we can create sound with intention to alter the vibration in every molecule and cell in our body. So we can send healing messages on our sound to restore ourselves back to health and general relaxation. Sound is very calming for the nervous system.

Benefits of Sacred Sound Healing

When we are out of balance our body is producing the wrong frequency. One of the ways to bring our body back to harmony is to project sound into the body through the voice or through an instrument. So by toning a sound into the body the body will come back into balance. When we project sound into the body different parts of the body will resonate with that particular sound.